The Times They Are A Changing....

"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
"Fort Mason" ©Robert Redus 2019
I once heard a saying, " The anticipation of death is worse than death itself". That statement has always stuck to me and made me realize when we make changes, often the anticipation of what the change in our lives may bring is much less real than the change itself. Happily surprised, I'd like to think, as good changes in our lives with good intentions, can only produce good results....
So, I'm guessing you might be detecting a change is on the way...and you'd be very correct!
I am making some big, new, exciting changes to my store and blog. Coming in June I'll have an entirely new way of showing you my jewelry and painting, and what's going on.  I'm very excited about what's coming down the line and looking forward to sharing it all with you.
Thank you for your support, I could not have done this without it and thank you for stopping by. 
I'm at the Calistoga Farmer's Market this Saturday May 4 from 9-1pm
Valley of the Moon Certified Farmer's Market this Tuesday, May 7, from 5-8:30pm
I hope to see you soon. 
Here is a great hike I took the other day, Oat Hill Mine Trail
"My lifestyle is a consequence of my wounds. I'm the son of my history."