Tapering to Spring

Mi Corazon Espinado

©2019 Robert Redus

"I want to do to you what Spring does to a cherry blossom"

 Spring is but a few short weeks away, and thoughts of awakening from hibernation are already stirring in most of us.

I've always seen winter as the time to rest, think of the changes I'll make in the up coming year, really enjoy the times by the wood stove, smell the pinyon in the air, cook more bolitas and corn bread, and for the most part remind myself of all of the good that fills my life. 

I paint more in winter and make less jewelry. I write more in winter and I read less. These activities keep my hands in the game, yet produce a different result for me.

I hope your winter has been a wonderfully reflective pond, and great results will come from the quiet, down time.

Here is a link to my Studio Update, please keep checking back as one of the things I also do in winter is slowly trickle jewelry into my studio throughout the month. I've also added a couple of new pages with some great New Finds and Creations. I hope you enjoy these, and please reach out to me with any request, or custom orders. 

I am including a Free pair of heart earrings with every purchase through the end of February, (Valentines Day may be over but love endures) 

This is what I came across the other day on a hike, pretty nice, huh?
Whats the last amazing thing you've found while walking outdoors? Please share
"No generous mind delights to oppress the weak, but rather to cherish and protect."