The Best Roadside Attraction...

"Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” 

Jack Kerouac



©R. Redus 2016
The above photograph has always been one of my favorites. These people are some of my cousins with the exception of me, (flannel shirt, sitting on my brother's lap) and my brother. I imagine this was taken somewhere around 1963 in a small town in the Panhandle of Texas.

One of the beauties of growing up in Texas was the expanse between everything. It was nothing to drive a few hours before seeing a small gas station with a diner and a roadside stand selling just about anything. We traveled Route 66 quite often as we had family that lived on the West Coast. If any of you recall what Route 66 was like in the 1960's  you know the landscape, the feeling, and pretty much everything that went with the drive into the unknown.  

Did any of you have one of these when traveling across the desert?
Life was truly a different experience then, no doubt. What fascinated me were the many trading post, roadside stands and attractions along the road. I remember one in particular, "The Thing", there were billboards for hundreds of miles enticing the car-full of people to, "See the Thing"....we finally did.
I remember the different types of jewelry the most. They were made of copper, silver and were hand made, hand stamped and had a feel to them that was very visceral and earthy. Holding them in my hands there immediately emerged a noticeable connection. Something I somehow got and wasn't sure why...
That being said,
I decided to create a line of jewelry I named, the "Route 66 Collection"
I think it looks and feels like what I remember. All of the pieces are hand made and stamped from silver plated serving trays from the 1960's. The original pattern of the tray is on the backside of the piece and the finish is matte and has an antique feel to it. I've left the existing scratched and dings in the pieces to accentuate the feel and so far the response has been really good. 
Two things...
1. I'd love to hear about your travels and what stands out for you, and
2. The special for March is much like the "Thing".....

Thank you for your support and your business, travel well, and embrace the adventure....

"Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”