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Palm Springs, Driving While Designing, and 2, Very Worthwhile Stops

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"There are no exceptions to the rule that everybody likes to be an exception to the rule"

I just spent 10 days in Palm Springs, my monthly hiatus from the north, and to attend  a few shows and markets. If you've not been to Palm Springs, I highly suggest you make the journey. The desert is truly a brilliant place and has so much to offer as far as beauty and scenery. Palm Springs in itself is no less than magnificent!


I've developed a few habits when it comes to my travels to and from. I always stop at the California Fruit Depot, just outside of Bakersfield and buy the best oranges on the planet, (cara cara oranges) and a weeks supply of soft/wet dates. Make my way to Flamingo Heights, stop and have a fantastic meal at La Copine Kitchen, I am gradually working my way through the entire is well worth the stop and the wait if there happens to be one. 

These drives have been very good for my, "Jewelry brain", that creative side that pours out while there is nothing much to do but watch the road in front of me. I like to design jewelry then, fabricate a piece of jewelry from start to finish, figure out each step it would take, if I'm soldering, how many solders, what shape do I want to cut the stone, the entire process...what does it look like finished, and who would look great wearing it. 


I hope your week is filled with great and wonderful events, and as the Farmers Market season is beginning, I look forward to meeting some of you. Safe travels, have fun, and enjoy.

P.S. I've extended my online sale for another week check it out....

"On the soft bed of luxury many kingdoms have expired"

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