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New Product Page, 24 Hour Sale!

I'm having a 24 hour sale on my new work. Sale ends Wednesday October 18 at 10PM

I wanted to share with you a new Collection in my store

There are some great one of kind pieces in this collection.

I am unable to reproduce any of them for a few reasons. Might be the material just doesn't exist any longer or it was so unusual and limited in supply that the likelyhood of ever finding it again is next to impossible, or perhaps the shape, pattern, feel, look, or magic is only in that particular piece. you know, that one you really like.

This is what I love to work with...the scarce, the rare, the fleeting....So please take a moment peruse the collection, I'm certain you'll find something you like...

Through Wednesday 10/18 at 10PM Take 15% off of anything in the collection, ONE OF A KIND PIECES, use code 2415 at check out....Thank you for your support., and Please share and pass it on...

And don't forget, if you have a tray you want made into jewelry for Christmas, make sure an intact me....



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