Love is on the Way...

"Pottery Buyer" 
©2018 R. Redus
"Words are who we pretend to be, actions are who we are"
We all live in a world all our own. Our sacred things, the rituals we practice, what we believe, how we act. These define who we are and and how we move through life. And that is very cool!!

Where I live in New Mexico, I heat my house exclusively with a wood stove. Sure, there are mornings when the temperature is 17 degrees outside and I think about  a heater for a few seconds. Once I'm out of bed, my first ritual begins; lighting the stove, that first tongue of welcome flame, warms my soul. Something I wouldn't trade for anything. Watching that small tip of orange and yellow dance around in the blackness of the stove. It is worth so much.

What are your rituals. Do you have something you do that is sacred, a special way you start your morning. Id love to hear about your rituals and what you do, what makes them special.
Here's my special for the rest of February. I know Valentines is just around the corner, and hey, love is celebrated for one day...really. Love is the magic, Love is the thing that binds us all together and Love can do some pretty amazing thing. 
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Do you know what Ikigai means? 
"We love because it’s the only true adventure"