Im Back!!!

"Remember that lost time does not return."

So, with everything that has transpired, jewelry still shines through.

The town I live in, Madrid, along the Historic Turquoise Trail, was shut down for some time, so during that time I taught myself how to stamp silver and silver plate. The greatest thing I learned about the stamping process is very simple:

It is much, much, harder than it looks 

I have a pile of rejects that remind me everyday that patience is truly a virtue. The process of stamping took about a year to perfect it, and I say that loosely , my pile of rejects would say differently. 

Ive been working hard this past year, mostly cutting turquoise, making some higher end jewelry. and painting a good bit. All of these things I crave and for as difficult and uncertain as things have been, Ive been very blessed and am very grateful for what has come out of this for me. Here is some of the Hand Stamped Earrings and the new Brass Earrings.

I hope you have found things that have occupied you well, feed your soul, brought a smile to your face and great love to your heart. I wish you well. and thank you for reading what I have to say.


Tyrone Turquoise from Southern NM

Campitos Turquoise Ring

14x18 Acrylic on Panel

Asian Ceramic Pendant with Coral Beads

"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion."