Giving it Away

Sand Hill Cranes ©RRedus 2003

“Nothing is more frightening than a fear you cannot name.”

I hope and trust all of you are well, and figuring it out. I'm good, and have had a good bit of time to think about those things that matter most. I'm pleased with the results and looking forward to what the future holds. 

I was recently given an incredible gift by my brother, something I will always be grateful for, and something I will never, ever forget. 

Giving is a wonderful habit to develop and an even better habit to continue. In spite of what our world currently looks like, there is no better time than now to be giving, accepting and loving.

So, my offer to you is very simple,

Buy a piece/pair of selected jewelry from my store, I will send you a like piece/pair of jewelry. I ask that you in-turn send that freebie along to someone you think might like them.

(This does not apply to paintings, turquoise cabochons or t-shirts)

What it does, it allows us both to give something to someone who may just need a lift or a reminder that there are people who care, or someone who just needs a kick-ass piece of jewelry!.

"The Gift.", by Lewis Hyde, would be the perfect book to start...


New, "Recycled is Sexy", Tees are now available and are new paintings on paper. $5. from the sale of tees and paintings will be donated to the Navajo & Hopi Families Covid-19 Relief Fund

I thank you for your support, and look forward to the day we can shake hands or share a hug.

All the Best to you and yours.


"The greatest gift is a portion of thyself."