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Discount Code and SALE

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Studio Sale is On Today

So, originally I was planning on giving out the Discount Code for the sale on Thursday, then it struck me that there is some really cool jewelry I made over these last few weeks, and I would really like to share that with, below is the code and the link to the collection I have available.

This collection of jewelry is all very unique and one of a kind. I no longer have the material to make any more of what is in this collection. I like that, I really like knowing that my journey with these pieces is over and they like myself am heading somewhere else, somewhere new and exciting...

If you have any questions about any of the work, please contact me and I will answer them. Again thank you for your support, have a wonderful evening.

Here is the discount code, 4SALE

you can use this at checkout where it says,"Code", pretty crazy, who'd of ever thought right?! The discount code is good through Sunday April 16. 

Here is a link to the page.  SALE

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