Count Down to Spring

"The quiet sense of something lost"

This time of year is always that in-between time of year for me. Not winter really, and certainly not summer, that time, that hangs in the wind.

I start my days early in the morning, painting small paintings for books I've started making. A book for each month with a painting for each day, everyday, throughout the year. Might be a large undertaking, whatcha think??

I design jewelry, and mostly, I cut a great deal of turquoise, preparing for summer.  

This is the month of February

Travel occupies my time as well. Short one and  2 day trips to the myriad of unbelievable places here in New Mexico. This time of year is slow motion, regroup, cook big pots of Anasazi and Bolitas....

White Sands National Monument

There are 23 days until Spring, I'm not saying I'm counting those days, but I am in some way.

I hope your winter has been a warm place to crawl in to, a nice fire to fall asleep by, a new love affair with life and most of all I hope your winter has been filled with great love and peace.

My February special is coming to a close. Free shipping on any purchase, and a free pair of heart earrings, (it is all about sharing the love right!?) I've added some great new pieces to my store, so I hope you'll take a few minutes to browse. My sale ends February 29.

Thank you for your support and best wishes.....

“I live there...
Far above the song-filled clouds,
where the dewdrops touch my skin so bare
I live there.”