Blue Stones, Blue Skies

"Newness Hath an Evanescent Beauty"

Out wandering not long ago in some ruins, I came across a stunning piece of turquoise laying in the dirt, right where it fell. The piece had been polished, and was smooth to the touch, and best of all, had some really terrific stories to tell.

(Forgive my hands, I'd been making jewelry all week)

I sat down, asked out loud who wore this, what did the piece of jewelry look like, where did they find the rough stone, who made this. My mind was filled with questions that had only answers that were never going to be real. I rolled the stone in my hand, rubbed the finished surface, gazed at as if it were an oracle expecting some cryptic answers. Nothing happened, no answers, no conversation, no meaningful results. I returned to stone to where I found it. Said adios and went on my way. 

I've realized some months later that the piece of turquoise was the exact same sky I saw everyday living here in New Mexico. To this day, every time I look to the sky in search of that beautiful blue, I am transformed to the day among the ruins

My studio update for September 8th through September 20, is all about the beautiful blue of turquoise. Each piece of stone, I hand cut and polished, shaped and made a unique piece of jewelry. Each piece is entirely handmade, and designed after the rough elements of the earth and rock, the gentle late afternoon breeze and the turquoise blue sky. Here is a link Studio Update 

All Jewelry will be listed at 5:15pm MST

Use labor10 at check out for a 10% discount, (good through 9/11/2020)


All of this jewelry is one off and one of a kind. I welcome your questions and comments.

Thank you always for your support.

Robert Redus


"When it comes to luck, you make your own."