The New Stuff

"The direction of your focus is the direction your life will move. Let yourself move toward what is good, valuable, strong and true."

Today we took a beautiful long walk in the woods. At one point the, "Vs" of geese flying south filled the sky with thin long staggered lines of squawking. The entire event was beautiful and we must have seen a few thousand geese. I was most intrigued by how they were getting to where they were going. I mean it seemed everyone was headed in about the same direction and hopefully they all arrive about on time.

My on-line store here, opens Monday November 14th. I am very excited to be sharing with you some beautiful new designs, a men's line of pendants and bracelets, some great new women's earrings, pendants and bracelets made with turquoise, lapis and black onyx. Please check back on Monday, I think you will enjoy what you see.  Here is a sample of some new earrings. These were made from an aluminum tray from the 1960's they have been gold anodized, so the finish is a matte gold that is very durable yet very light....they were once very small trays


Our Farmers Markets are down to two per week from the hectic pace of 8 per week...the rest is well deserved. 

This week we are in Calistoga on Saturday, November 12, from 8-1pm then on Sunday in Marin at the Civic Center from 9-1pm. and The Sebastopol Farmers Market from 10-2....Hope to see you there.

here is what I'm reading...a great book about the doings of Ravens...

and here is what I'm listening to today...

Thank you for crossing paths with me, life has to be the adventure, I hope you are living yours...

"A true creative is a habitual nomad regarding the heart and mind"