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Back to the Real World...Sort of...

"You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare."

I hope you each had a wonderful holiday and the New Year is beginning with wonderful anticipation of the adventure ahead.

My holiday was far beyond wonderful, I drove from California, home to New Mexico by way of Nevada and Utah. I spent a couple of days in Gallup New Mexico, by far a place I resonate with. Bought myself a wonderful pair of vintage Tony Lama wing tips, ate tons of hot New Mexican food and explored parts of Utah I never could have imagined existed. I finally made it home Christmas Eve after 6 days on the road...what a wonderful gift. 

Travel, adventure and solitude make us realize what is important in life, give a space between the breathing room to figure it all out...I discovered the only things I have space for in my life these days are tons of beauty and loads of joy, the rest will come in as it does.

Here is what my home looks like...sometimes...on a particular day...maybe just for a brief moment in time... 

If you've never been to New Mexico, this might be the best year to start your adventure, and what better place. (Notice I had to include the beautiful Navajo and Zuni jewelry). So I'm back in California but with a different twist...2 weeks in Northern CA and 2 weeks in Southern CA attending farmers markets. My schedule is pretty easy until May. The two middle weeks of each month I will be attending the Village Fest in Palm Springs, on Thursday night. The first week and last week of each month I will be attending the Calistoga Farmers Markets on Saturdays, and The Marin Farmers Market on Sundays.  

I wish all of you well and look forward to seeing you very soon. Travel safe, have fun and live adventure...

"It takes more than going down to the video store and renting "Easy Rider" to be a rebel."



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